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Welcome to Australia Wide Forklift Training Centre. We provide national recongised Training and Assessments. We offer assessment solutions for individuals, groups and companies in Melbourne, Victoria.

At Australia Wide Forklift Training Centre, we train people to be able to operate warehousing lifting equipment correct and safely, not just to pass their assessment but to understand the appropriate safety procedures specific to their work environment and in accordance with national work safe guidelines. We offer LF Forklift Licence Training to Melbourne companies have come to trust as Victoria's most reputable forklift licence course provider. Not only that, our prices are cheap which means you won't bear the brunt of a high cost.

Australia Wide Forklift Training Centre will customise your training requirements either at our Melbourne forklift training facility, based in Tullamarine, or onsite to suit your individual company needs. Australia Wide Forklift Training Centre is able to offer quality Training and Assessment services at our facilities where everything needed to assist professional Training and Assessment is provided. You (or your staff) will understand all the fundamentals of driving forklifts in a safe manner, compliant with OH&S procedures. As you work towards the Forklift Licence Melbourne bosses love, you can take comfort in the fact that we are a genuine leader.

Operator training and Refresher Courses are essential to reduce serious injury and fatalities. We offer onsite Forklift training courses to Melbourne companies or you can just come to us. Safety is the crucial issue.

The Forklift Licence Melbourne Tradies Love

Australia Wide Forklift Training Centre has been operating since 1999.

The owner of Australia Wide Forklift Training Centre Mark Hobden has been training people in warehousing lifting equipment for the past 15 years in the private sector. Prior to opening AWFTC Mark was involved in heavy vehicle and warehouse training for the Australian Army.

Mark decided to open his own training centre in 1999 as he believed that he could provide quality training solutions to individuals, groups and companies incorporating his vast knowledge and commitment to industry training.

We now offer LF Forklift Licence Training in Melbourne at a cheap, low cost. For your Forklift Licence Victoria, come to us.

We offer

Forklift Training in Melbourne, Victoria.

Order Picker Licence Training.

Forklift Refresher Training

EWP Licence training 

Truck Licences also available

Why Should You Get Your Forklift Licence With Us?

1. We're military standard. Our owner, Mark Hobden, set the standard in the Australian Army for warehouse training. We all know the kind of rigorous standards kept by the military. Australia Wide Forklift Training embodies this. So when you're picking a Forklift Course in Victoria, remember to go with the best.

2. We're affordable. Get your licence with us without breaking the bank. Other companies may be cheaper, but they don't reach our standards. What's the good of paying for forklift training or a white card course and walking away with nothing?

3. We're not just about the licence. While you will be paying for training for your forklift ticket, we won't just rush you through so you can pass the test. You'll actually learn the deeper lessons of how to do your job safely and properly. Because of this, you'll be an asset to yourself and your employers. Just remember that if you keep yourself safe, you benefit the people around you that matter most in life.

4. Your licence can go a long way. Get your  Forklift Licence, Order Picker or EWP Licence with us through our Melbourne Forklift training centre, and you'll benefit from the great reputation our company has for solid training when you need to impress potential employers.